Emerging Systems, Technologies & Media Post Professional Program

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Knitted Cloud

Students: Mehrzad Rafeei, Somayyeh Ramezani
Studio Title: Spina Vertical Sum2012 – ESTm/Artificial Clouds
Instructor: Marcelo Spina

Our design approach is generating a “network Cluster” of smaller units rather than a large mega structure aiming to shield large sporting events in Qatar Stadium from direct sunlight while providing favorable climate environment. Regarding to that, the idea that we took is based on the Catenary System which commonly used to evenly apply pre-tensioning loads on to membranes for space inflatable structures.
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Interactive Robotic Fabrication

Students: Maysam Ghaffari, Amir Habibabadi, Eugene Kosgoron, Somayyeh Ramezani, Mehrzad Rafeei
Seminar Title: Misfigures
Instructor: Andrew Atwood
Teaching Fellows: Brandon Kruysman, John Proto

We present a series of experiments which explore the use of IPhone accelerometers as joint position sensors and ultrasonic as scanning sensor in order to rebuild a 3d surface. To quantify the performance of the calibration and joint tracking we attached accelerometer and ultrasonic sensor to staubli 160 robot for scanning a 3d surface while second robot draws a section trough the surface in real time. In this example the accelerometer sensor estimate the scanning robot joint 4 and 5 angel and control the position of end arm tool.

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Blossoming River Bank

Students: Somayyeh Ramezani, Mehrzad Rafeei
Studio Title: Gow-Vertical SP2012 – The Imbalancing Act of Entropic Architecture
Instructor: Marcelyn Gow

Our project aims to augment the Los Angeles River bank and its vegetation. We are using the water from the river as an element in concert with a pattern that stems from an exploratory drawing. In the areas adjacent to the site the pattern takes on a two dimensional graphic quality stitching the neighborhood together. When the pattern reaches the site it thickens to accommodate an irrigation system. The thickened pattern also services the hydroponics system as well as the structure for the intervention. Hydroponics is a cultivation method that allows the growth of plants without soil. Our system senses when the roots of the plants are in need of water, triggering a release of fine nutrient rich mist. The arrangement of the plants is according to their exposure needs. Plants that enjoy lots of light are located on the upper level and plants that like more shade are located below.
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Students: Mehrzad Rafeei, Somayyeh Ramezani, Sean Markle, Jacques Lesec, Eric Wisarut
Seminar Title: Textile Tectonics
Instructor: Marcelo Spina

Knit-scapes takes a different approach to standard conventions of carbon fiber fabrication techniques which typically rely on laying up a series of layers with resin over various mold shapes. The focus of this process uses tensioned carbon fiber tow strands as a flexible framework woven through the knitted aramid fiber. This combination allows the resulting form to be shaped by the forces applied to the framework rather than the traditional lay-up/molding method.

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SCI-Arc's ESTm Master program is a rigorous, experimental post-professional degree platform focused on data-based and physical investigations into the rapidly evolving fields of digital design, innovative fabrication methodologies and new building systems.


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