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The Painterly,Thickened

Students: Ago Viola
Studio Title: Manferdini-Vertical FALL2012 – The Painterly,Thickened.
Instructor: Elena Manferdini

The strength of this investigation resides in the affect that is produced by the abstraction of a recognizable figure and form. The tension spawned by the material to form relationship has been a primary tool. This project attempts to further augment the tension between material application and the sensibility produces by the curvilinear, oscillating form, specifically between the sharp, heavy and jagged stone and the viscid octopus arms.
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 Carved in Stone

Students: Ashley Sholder, Pompay Zhu
Studio Title: Manferdini-Vertical FALL2012 – unFamiliar Matter
Instructor: Elena Manferdini

Carved in Stone explores the relationship between fine grain and geometry, the illusion of depth, and the fusion of synthetic and natural materials. The use of rich texture with exotic coloration and dramatic fractures across a field of mosaic bricks establishes a parallel surface network, one that alternately camouflages and reveals each brick’s topography while at the same time displays a dizzying complexity over it’s macro organization.
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Painted Canvas

Student: Maya Alam
Studio Title: Manferdini-Vertical FALL2011 – Painted Canvas
Instructor: Elena Manferdini

Was der Fall ist
The lost prototype.
And as for the sky.
Perspective and the built objrct
Perspective shows.
The mirror demonstrates.

Hubert Damisch, The Origin of Perspective

This project aims to transform the façade of San Lorenzo by merging the Reinessance ideal of the single viewpoint perspective with the Impressionist’s ephemeral qualities of color and perception.

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Student: Ayaka Ono
Studio Title: Manferdini-Vertical FALL2011 – Painted Canvas
Instructor: Elena Manferdini

The intention of this project is to explore ethereal experiences on the façade of the church through superficial effects, in relation to depth of illusion and coloration that the artificial envelop creates. The superficiality becomes an instrument to reveal new materiality and geometrical complexity, which accentuates atmospheric visual effects.

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SCI-Arc's ESTm Master program is a rigorous, experimental post-professional degree platform focused on data-based and physical investigations into the rapidly evolving fields of digital design, innovative fabrication methodologies and new building systems.


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