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Floating Garden

Students: Pablo Osorio, Francisco Moure
Studio Title: Gow-Vertical SP2012 – The Imbalancing Act of Entropic Architecture
Instructor: Marcelyn Gow

This project is an idea that exposes vegetation in a new way. The project is transparent and it presents nature completely naked. It elevates plants up un the air, and it gives the pedestrian a new perspective about the plants they were so familiar with. They experience a new walk in the park. As they approach the vertical garden from Los Angeles Historic State Park they will see floating green elements that create a continuation of the park. The plants gradually reveal to the pedestrian as they approach the site first exposing them in pedestals high in the air.

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Garden House

Students: Ida Hammarlund
Studio Title: Hernan Diaz Alonso XLAB Spring 2011
Instructor: Hernan Diaz-Alonso

The project investigates the notion of the artificial garden imitating nature. The structure of the dispersed living spaces are a figural continuation of the garden landscape. It is an examinations of the displays of intimacy set forward by projects like the Farnsworth house and the Glass house, being translated into levels of intricacy and levels of privacy through different transparencies.

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SCI-Arc's ESTm Master program is a rigorous, experimental post-professional degree platform focused on data-based and physical investigations into the rapidly evolving fields of digital design, innovative fabrication methodologies and new building systems.


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