Emerging Systems, Technologies & Media Post Professional Program

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Students: Daniel Caven
Studio Title: Integrated facades Seminar Fall 2013 – ESTm
Instructor: Greg Otto

The OBU47 takes on new ideas of integration of robotics within building skins and using software to record and react to climate conditions. The idea is derived from a low resultant “night purge” that many towers, in hot climates, use to help cool towers during night time temperatures. The OBU47’s operable bay units at night move outward to vacuum suction in cool air and then force the captured cool air into the stationary living areas. Situated in Phoenix, AZ, the tower is in a prime location, due to the desert temperature highs, to incorporate this facade to a new skyscraper.


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Temporal Panoramas

Students: Tom Farmer, Daniel Caven, Uri Wegman, Seyed Ayatollahi
Studio Title: Machinating Manufacturing Seminar Fall 2013 ESTm
Instructor: Peter Testa

BACKGROUND: Panoramas and bullet speed photography are used as modes of representation
which capture time and space. These methods have been in use since the early 19th
century and have shown much advancement to our modern day.


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Students: Daniel Caven, Austin Andrew Samson, Salvador Francisco Cortez Hultsch, Johnny Ng, Nikita Alex Troufanov, Uri Wegman
Studio Title: Eye Robot Seminar Spring 2014 – ESTm
Instructor: Curime Batliner
Robot House: Jake Newsum

SCI-Arc’s Eyerobot 2 seminar offered in Spring 2014 challenged students to work on the prototype of a full scale dynamic interface, which invites users for an interactive play between the physical world and the virtual world in real-time, using the human body. The exhibit used scanner mechanisms to track people around the space and have the robots trace them. The interaction between the robots and the visitors created a playful experience and allowed for comfortability with the machines. The processes used for the tracking involved kinect scanning with live stream joint movements in the space.


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Twisted Bodies

Students: Matheos M. Asfaw, Daniel Caven
Studio Title: Advanced Coding Form Spring 2014 – ESTm
Instructor: Satoru Sugihara

Twisted bodies takes on experiments using particle systems that overtake complex manifolds. The geometries are then skinned to create obstructed bodies that inner stitch and have social behaviors upon each other. The target for the particles are produced through environmental conditions that ultimately are taken away to fully expose the twisted bodies.


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Students: Kyle Branchesi, Daniel Caven, Daehyun Kim, Uriel Alexander Lopez
Studio Title: TestaESTm Vertical Fall 2013
Instructor: Peter Testa
Robot House: Jake Newsum

The era of “digital design” is over, this is not a declaration against computation but a question and understanding of ongoing transformations in architectural theory and material culture.
Ill.Mannered focuses on the feedback between physical and digital realms. The project does not discard the digital or analog as the next step in evolution of architectural theory, but rather seeks to combine them into a method that can utilize their strengths simultaneously.



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SCI-Arc's ESTm Master program is a rigorous, experimental post-professional degree platform focused on data-based and physical investigations into the rapidly evolving fields of digital design, innovative fabrication methodologies and new building systems.


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