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Students: Kyle Branchesi, Daniel Caven, Daehyun Kim, Uriel Alexander Lopez
Studio Title: TestaESTm Vertical Fall 2013
Instructor: Peter Testa
Robot House: Jake Newsum

The era of “digital design” is over, this is not a declaration against computation but a question and understanding of ongoing transformations in architectural theory and material culture.
Ill.Mannered focuses on the feedback between physical and digital realms. The project does not discard the digital or analog as the next step in evolution of architectural theory, but rather seeks to combine them into a method that can utilize their strengths simultaneously.



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Anisotropic Formations

Students:Salvador Cortez, Cheng Lu, Avra Tomara, Nikita Troufanov
Studio Title: ESTm Testa Vertical Studio FALL 2013
Instructor: Peter Testa



an• i• so• tro• py : the property of being directionally dependent, as opposed to isotropy, which implies identical properties in all directions.

Anisotropic Formations is a proto-architectural exploration of anisotropic aesthetics and structures through vector based 3d printing. Taking inspiration from 3d printed fashion, composite sail manufacturing and experimental application of 6-axis robotics, the project takes the anisotropic approach as both an aesthetic and a fabrication logic. Anisotropic geometry is vector-based and is directionally dependent. Combinations of these vectors result in rich surface and 3d qualities of varied densities, hierarchies and multi-directional layering.

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Studio Title: ESTm TestaVertical Studio FALL 2012
Instructor: Peter Testa with Brandon Kruysman, Jonathan Proto
AT: Peter Vikar

Architectural Form, Robotics and Cinematic Technique
R2R continues a series of Testa/Estm studios pioneering a new design paradigm at the convergence of Computation, Computational Materials, and Robotics. This new paradigm draws together digital abstraction and material agency within a Maya based real-time synchronous robotic shaping and simulation environment.The R2R studio is structured in two interrelated parts that combine innovative form making, and cinematic (post-animation) techniques. To support this architectural research program the studio will work on the conceptual design and prototyping of new design interfaces and representation techniques tied to specific geometries, material forms, and non-linear robotic design and fabrication workflows.

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Students: Nicholas Barger, Evan Emery, Rangel Karaivanov, Andrew Kragness
Studio Title: TestaESTm Vertical Fall 2012 ‘R2R Reel to Real’
Instructor: Peter Testa with Brandon Kruysman, Jonathan Proto
AT: Peter Vikar

FIN.0 is a design platform comprised of repertoires of robotic motion, material logics, tool customization and real-time cinematic techniques networked into a dynamic interface that allows for the design and evaluation of dynamic surfaces and the motion of form.
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Suspended Depositions

Students: Brian Harms, Haejun Jung, Vince Huang, Yuying Chen
Instructor: Peter Testa with Brandon Kruysman, Jonathan Proto
AT: Peter Vikar

This project aims to blur the line between processes of design and fabrication in the context of rapid prototyping by increasing the fluidity of the fabrication process through coordinated material and robotic processes. The project exploits feedback loops that allow the process to be used as a live generative form-finding tool as well as a method for reification of designed objects.

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SCI-Arc's ESTm Master program is a rigorous, experimental post-professional degree platform focused on data-based and physical investigations into the rapidly evolving fields of digital design, innovative fabrication methodologies and new building systems.


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