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Twisted Bodies

Students: Matheos M. Asfaw, Daniel Caven
Studio Title: Advanced Coding Form Spring 2014 – ESTm
Instructor: Satoru Sugihara

Twisted bodies takes on experiments using particle systems that overtake complex manifolds. The geometries are then skinned to create obstructed bodies that inner stitch and have social behaviors upon each other. The target for the particles are produced through environmental conditions that ultimately are taken away to fully expose the twisted bodies.


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Advanced Coding Form

Seminar Title: Advanced Coding Form Spring 2014 – ESTm
Instructor: Satoru Sugihara

This course explores advanced coding techniques in Grasshopper Python with object orient programming and agent-based algorithms in Processing with iGeo library. The course provides fundamental knowledge of object-oriented programming, 3D vector mathematics and simple agent interaction algorithms but the course requires participants to write codes actively and develop their own codes with object-oriented programming techniques and algorithms based on agents’ behaviors in nature such as swarm behaviors, nest building behaviors, plant growth mechanisms, network development patterns and urban growth patterns.

Students: Ziqing Nie


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Coding Form

Seminar Title: Coding Form Fall2013 – ESTm
Instructor: Satoru Sugihara

This course explores techniques of fast-growing computational design technology and techniques using Grasshopper with various add-ons. Participants should be already familiar with 3D modeling in Rhinoceros. The course provides knowledge and skills of techniques in 2D pattern making, surface panelization and structure modeling with LunchBox add-on, parametric sub-D modeling with Weaverbird add-on, physical simulation with Kangaroo, scripting with Gh-Python add-on, urban geometry manipulation with Elk add-on, robotic hardware control and feedback with Firefly add-on, and network communication with gHowl. Participants learn not only each techniques with specific tools but also understanding of mathematical aspect of geometry and vectors, and logical thinking in parametric design and computational design.

Students: Nikita Alex Troufanov, Oksana Gritcai, Woongyeun Park, Brennen Douglas Huller

Coding Form 2013
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Traffic Simulation

Students: Maria Kuzminskaya
Studio Title: Applied Studies Fall Senimar FALL2012 – Coding Form
Instructor: Satoru Sugihara

The software Processing was used for traffic simulation of an urban design project located in the West Side of Los Angeles. White and yellow points have different speeds and it responses car traffic and pedestrian movements.
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Adaptive Ornamentation

Students: Alberto Alfonso
Studio Title: Coding Form Fall2012 – ESTm/ADAPTIVE ORNAMENT
Instructor: Satoru Sugihara

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SCI-Arc's ESTm Master program is a rigorous, experimental post-professional degree platform focused on data-based and physical investigations into the rapidly evolving fields of digital design, innovative fabrication methodologies and new building systems.


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