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Students: Daniela Atencio, Rishabh Khurana, Ana Zapata, Ken Zhu
Studio Title: Spitting Images
Instructor: Peter Testa

This design research project starts by manipulating, translating, and transcoding image-based pixels into representations of different resolutions as generators of information and image in the definition of form – an ‘ontology of the image’ freed from geometrization. The project was initiated with reference to the spatial matrix of Mies van der Rohe’s Toronto Dominion Centre (1963-1969).


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Y&Z Fuzzy Facets

Students: Carlos Navarro
Studio Title: “Fuzzy Wholes” Vertical Studio
Instructor: Marcelo Spina

Y&Z Fuzzy Facets engages the issue of defamiliarization. The mix used building complex, located on the site of the World Trade Center building in Downtown Los Angeles, utilizes the plinth of the old building as a socially, culturally and geometrically familiar object on top of which it sits and rises as a new whole object composed by high-rise towers that resist geometrical description.


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Students: Alejandro Alcala, Oscar DeLeon
Studio Title: ESTm Studio / Fall 2014
Instructor: Marcelo Spina

Create forms that are sliced by urbanistic moves found in the context. We found that the conceptual slicing wasn’t only a useful for form making but also influential in the juxtaposition of materiality


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Non-axisymmetric Disruptions

Students: Seyed Ehsan Ayatollah, Georgios Smyrlis, Abhishek Sakpal
Studio Title: ESTm
Instructor: Hernan Diaz Alonso & Ivan Bernal

The aspiration of the work is proposing to re-examine the possibilities of form generation as an autonomous entity trough the understanding of Rituals of butchery, carving, re assembling following the notion of the forms. Most butchery techniques had the capacity to combine the power of raw mutilations with highly sophisticated formal understanding of organization, as well as saturated and excessive ornament in the instruments of rituals. There is another history and evolution of rituals in relation to the bodies and their mutilations, human and animals alike. These MISFITS produced some of the most contradictory conditions of beauty and horror.

Nonaxisymmetric Disruptions (2)

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Ethereal Forms

Students: Seyed Ehsan Ayatollah
Studio Title: ESTm Final Degree Studio / Summer 2014
Instructor: Marcelo Spina & Casey Rehm

Forms recognizable to human eyes are usually supported by the discernable presence of “physical mass,” usually relaying on material but also on contrast, shade and shadow. However, different types of energy flow in the world, invisible to human eyes, creating forms that are as filling of the surrounding space as they are invisible. Moreover, light, which is a form of energy, is only partially visible to the bare eyes; nevertheless, photons and light waves are constantly moving in space hence creating invisible forms.

Ethereal Forms (4)

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SCI-Arc's ESTm Master program is a rigorous, experimental post-professional degree platform focused on data-based and physical investigations into the rapidly evolving fields of digital design, innovative fabrication methodologies and new building systems.


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