Emerging Systems, Technologies & Media Post Professional Program

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Coding Form

Seminar Title: Coding Form Fall2013 – ESTm
Instructor: Satoru Sugihara

This course explores techniques of fast-growing computational design technology and techniques using Grasshopper with various add-ons. Participants should be already familiar with 3D modeling in Rhinoceros. The course provides knowledge and skills of techniques in 2D pattern making, surface panelization and structure modeling with LunchBox add-on, parametric sub-D modeling with Weaverbird add-on, physical simulation with Kangaroo, scripting with Gh-Python add-on, urban geometry manipulation with Elk add-on, robotic hardware control and feedback with Firefly add-on, and network communication with gHowl. Participants learn not only each techniques with specific tools but also understanding of mathematical aspect of geometry and vectors, and logical thinking in parametric design and computational design.

Students: Nikita Alex Troufanov, Oksana Gritcai, Woongyeun Park, Brennen Douglas Huller

Coding Form 2013
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Studio Title: ESTm TestaVertical Studio FALL 2012
Instructor: Peter Testa with Brandon Kruysman, Jonathan Proto
AT: Peter Vikar

Architectural Form, Robotics and Cinematic Technique
R2R continues a series of Testa/Estm studios pioneering a new design paradigm at the convergence of Computation, Computational Materials, and Robotics. This new paradigm draws together digital abstraction and material agency within a Maya based real-time synchronous robotic shaping and simulation environment.The R2R studio is structured in two interrelated parts that combine innovative form making, and cinematic (post-animation) techniques. To support this architectural research program the studio will work on the conceptual design and prototyping of new design interfaces and representation techniques tied to specific geometries, material forms, and non-linear robotic design and fabrication workflows.

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Students: Nicholas Barger, Evan Emery, Rangel Karaivanov, Andrew Kragness
Studio Title: TestaESTm Vertical Fall 2012 ‘R2R Reel to Real’
Instructor: Peter Testa with Brandon Kruysman, Jonathan Proto
AT: Peter Vikar

FIN.0 is a design platform comprised of repertoires of robotic motion, material logics, tool customization and real-time cinematic techniques networked into a dynamic interface that allows for the design and evaluation of dynamic surfaces and the motion of form.
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Gestural Fabrication

Students: Brian Harms
Studio Title: GESTURAL FABRICATION ESTm Summer 2013
Instructor: Marcelo Spina & Andrew Atwood


This project is an investigation of the translation of real-time motion data into robotic motion paths. Through the implementation of an intuitive interface (which behind the scenes is comprised of: Leap motion + Rhino + Grasshopper + Firefly + Crane)  designers can go straight from fluid hand-motions to freeform physical objects. The goal is to circumnavigate mediation of the input by traditional 2D digital interfaces (mouse, keyboard, monitor), and allow for 3D input to translate directly to 3D output.

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Buoyant Depositions

Students: Brian Harms, Nicholas Barger
Studio Title: BUOYANT DEPOSITIONS ESTm Spring 2013
Instructor: Marcelyn Gow

This project aims to explore the repeatability of the creation of inexact forms through exact machinic operations, with the intention of achieving a certain degree of control over entropic processes. These processes involve the articulated deposition of liquid wax into cool water, taking advantage of the wax’s buoyancy, rapid phase change, and ability to fuse and bond to itself and other materials.

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SCI-Arc's ESTm post-graduate program is a rigorous, experimental post-professional degree platform focused on data-based and physical investigations into the rapidly evolving fields of digital design, innovative fabrication methodologies and new building systems.


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